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:. This community is LOCKED please read this post for membership information.
:. Moderators are blue_eyedstar - who is the founder and boss lady, and jakesdream who tries to keep things tidy but forgets sometimes. Also not onboard as a maintainer but equally as important is munchkinofdoom - she keeps an eye on our index post for us and we love her.
:. New members will wanna check out and get to grips with the index and you can navigate old posts via the tags.

[1.] Please avoid off topic posts, spam, and ads for communities non Dante's Cove related. You are only allowed to post a promotion for your community if it is directly related to Dante's Cove. If its not, you're post will be deleted.
[2.] Use the LJ-cut tag for pictures, long posts and any fics that are longer than 100 words.
[3.] Do NOT link to a friends only/members only post in another journal or community.
[4.] Flaming, trolling and general nasty behaviour is not allowed. We love the show here, there's no point in coming here to be horrid because thats not what we're about.
[5.] Please use the following form if posting fic or art:

Use these banners if you wanna promote the community on your own LJ or community:

The links were getting to long, so they've been moved to this location. If you know a link that we've missed then please leave a comment somewhere and we'll add it :D

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